When to Have Sex After Childbirth: Are You Ready?

You haven't brought new life into the world and sex is the last thing on your mind between changing diapers, feeding your little one and trying to catch up on some sleep. But sooner or later the question arises when sex can resume after giving birth. But that is not so easy to answer…

How long no sex after childbirth? 6 weeks waiting!

Obstetricians and gynecologists recommend waiting about 6 weeks before having sex after you have had a baby. It is important that you no longer bleed before you proceed to penetration, because that gives a higher chance of infections. Most women stop bleeding after 3-4 weeks, but that is different for everyone.

During childbirth, your vagina has to endure a lot, and you may have had a cut or tear. Take time to heal. And you also have to be ready mentally, because a new baby in the house brings new worries.

A 2013 British study found that 41% of couples had sex 6 weeks after birth. One is eager again after 3 weeks, while the other is still not ready after 2 months. And that's totally okay!

Making love after giving birth: this has changed

“How long no sex after childbirth” is one question, you can also ask yourself how different sex will be after you have a baby. A lot has changed down there and the first time you are intimate you can experience the following:

  • You feel less: Your vagina has been stretched, so you or your partner may feel less. Fortunately, this can recover in the long term (possibly with the help of pelvic floor exercises).
  • You are not so wet anymore: due to a shake-up in your hormone system, you become less moist and penetration can be a bit painful/stiff. Lubricant from Newside Eroticshop Amsterdam can offer a solution here.
  • You become less excited: this is also perfectly normal and again has to do with hormones, but also with the mental. An open communication with your partner, a longer foreplay and exploring together can also be a very nice experience.
  • Your orgasm feels different: your uterus is stretched and still sensitive from childbirth - that can be painful for some ladies when the uterus starts to contract during an orgasm.

Sex after a cesarean section

When you can have sex again after childbirth also depends on how you gave birth. If you have had a caesarean section, your vagina has been “spared”, but you will have a large wound on your abdomen. That is why it is also important to wait 6 weeks before having sex.

In any case, wait until the wound has healed and you have stopped bleeding - that remains important to prevent infections.

Sex after childbirth: some useful tips

Although new mothers often spend more time with their baby than with their partner, they still have a need for physical intimacy. How long can a woman go without sex after having a baby? When she is physically and mentally ready – that is the only answer!

And while you may be very excited for sex, you may feel a little insecure. So here are some tips to make it run more smoothly.

Use contraception: when sex after childbirth is back on the agenda, you should also think about contraception. Because you are indeed fertile again, even if you are breastfeeding! And you are probably not immediately waiting for a new pregnancy!

Communicate with your partner: you feel insecure, your partner is still extra careful, your body reacts differently… A lot of changes have taken place - so an open conversation is not a bad idea.

Breastfeed beforehand: If you are breastfeeding, there is a good chance that your breasts will leak during intercourse. By feeding (or pumping) your baby first, you reduce the chance of “leaks”. And if it does happen? Then don't be ashamed!

Be prepared: the first penetration after childbirth can be painful. That is why it is good to first “test it out” yourself by entering yourself with 1 or 2 fingers. Is that going smoothly? Then you can carefully try a dildo or vibrator from mynewside sex shop Amsterdam. Don't forget to use lubricant !

Take it easy: ask your partner to start at an easy pace, or take control yourself by sitting on top. So you can control the depth and speed yourself and stop immediately if it hurts. If penetration still doesn't work, don't worry, there are so many other ways to be intimate!

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