Is sex good for health?

We have already found out how many calories you can burn with a good love affair, and we also know that sex strengthens the bond with your partner. But did you also know that lovemaking is good for your immune system? That it helps to keep the heart and blood vessels healthy? Stress is a thing of the past and even headaches are reduced by having sex. Below we go over all the benefits and find out how often sex is the healthiest!


How healthy is sex?

A steamy night is good news for your immune system as well as for physical pleasure. American research from 2012 showed that people who go between the sheets once or twice a week have a higher level of immunoglobulins. And let that be precisely the proteins that help to fight infections and diseases. More is not always better here, because having sex three times a week would then give a lower level of these substances.


Those who often suffer from stress should also enjoy the love game a bit more, because then you will be able to handle difficult situations better and your blood pressure will remain lower during stressful moments. The latter is especially true for those who live together and regularly dive between the sheets.


Need any more reasons why sex is healthy? What do you think about relieving pain and keeping the heart and blood vessels in top shape? Or maybe it's easier to fall asleep after making love? And for men, ejaculating regularly (about 21 times a month) can seriously reduce the risk of prostate cancer.


Why does sex help with headaches

"Not tonight honey, I've got a headache"... it's actually a bad excuse to get out of making love because sex might just be good for a headache!


Research with 800 patients dealing with migraine and 200 people with cluster headaches has already come to an interesting conclusion. About 60% of the migraine group experienced relief from the complaints, or were even completely migraine-free after having sex. The results for cluster headaches were slightly less impressive, but still worthwhile: 37% still had few or no complaints after a game of romping.


This could be related to the release of the hormone endorphins, which is a natural pain reliever. Or lowering blood pressure. You are also busy with completely different things for a while, forget the daily worries and surrender to the sensations of your body. All of this together can have a positive effect on migraines or headaches.


For a next attack of migraine or headache, leave that painkiller behind and see if some fooling around can offer the solution. By the way: getting an orgasm helps even better!


How often should you do it?

The answer to the question "Is sex good for health" is now clear. But how many times a week has sex is healthy? Getting a good buttock at least once a week seems like the magic threshold to experience health effects. Sleeping between the sheets twice a week on average could even extend your life by three to eight years.


Is sex good for health if you do it more often? Is having sex every day healthy? The more you do it, the more benefits, right? If you and your partner are up for it, absolutely! But of course it doesn't have to become a task on your to-do list for better health.


Erotic games from Newside sex shop Amsterdam can help you explore and try new things. Teasing and driving each other crazy to make love last longer? Check! Because longer sex means more calories consumed and more health benefits.


Conclusion: what is sex good for?

For your heart, for your stress level, for your blood pressure... Sex helps to keep fit, reduces the risk of prostate cancer, stimulates your resistance and can even help to relieve headaches. To the question "is sex healthy?" So we answer with a resounding "yes!".


In addition to the physical benefits, it is also very good emotionally to be "psysical" on a regular basis. It boosts your self-confidence, creates a deeper connection with your partner and makes you happy.


A solid night of lovemaking can help you fall asleep more easily. After all, you could live longer if you have regular sex.


Reasons enough to visit Newside Eroticshop Amsterdam to give your sex life a boost. From toys for her and him (or to use together), to spicy lingerie , mood setters , whips and so much more... Bet you feel healthier instantly!

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