Clean toys, happy toys: these are the 5 best toy cleaners

Keeping your favorite toys clean? A toy cleaner comes in handy for this. If you look at the range of toy cleaners you will soon notice that there are many different types of cleaners on the market. We present you the 5 best toy cleaners so that you keep the quality even longer.

1. Best toy cleaner for toys and body: Swiss Navy Foam

Swiss Navy Foam is a toy and body cleaner in one. Very handy because this way you remove every trace of lubricant from both toys and skin. Safe to use and also gives a nurturing feeling.

The cleaner is easy to use thanks to the handy pump. Cover the toy with foam and then wipe it with a clean cloth. Then rinse it with water and let it air dry. Large users choose the 210 ml package, small users choose the smaller 47 ml capacity.

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2. Best Scented Toy Cleaner Jo Fresh Scent Spray

Are you looking for a good toy cleaner with a nice scent? Then you will certainly like the Jo Fresh Scent Spray. With this fresh and soft scent you close the erotic game sensually. Moreover, it cleans like the best.

Spray the toy and let the spray work for 60 seconds. Then rinse with warm water and let dry. After that, your toy can go back to it clean. And with the content of 120 ml at an attractive price you can go ahead!

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3. Best toy cleaner for removing silicone lubricant: Swiss Navy Spray

At number 1 you will find the Swiss Navy Foam, the ideal toy cleaner for toys and body. We would like to add the toy cleaner Spray from Swiss Navy to the list. The design of this packaging is super handy to clean silicone toys quickly.

The spray is very suitable for quickly removing silicone lubricant from toys and from the body. You don't have to rub the cleaner out, because you only have to spray it. Then rinse with water and let it dry. The content is 177 ml.

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4. Best toy cleaner for anal toys: Bathmate extra strong

Bathmate anal toy cleaner is specially designed for thorough cleaning of anal toys. When using these toys, there is a greater chance that bacteria will remain behind. Bathmate ensures complete removal of bacteria.

We therefore absolutely recommend this anal toy cleaner for anyone who likes to experiment anal. In addition, the alcohol-free formula is paraben-free, safe to use on all toys. Add to this an ergonomic 100 ml spray bottle and you have the formula for the best toy cleaner for anal toys!

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5. Best toy cleaner for after cleaning: Lola Toys Toy Scented Powder

A toy cleaner for after cleaning may sound a bit redundant, but if you like nice smells then it is a good choice. With the Toy Scented Powder you start every sexual game with a fresh scent.

Use this powder after you have cleaned your toy with one of the other toy cleaners. After the toy is dry, sprinkle the powder over it. Now the toy will smell wonderful. You can choose from Jasmine, Wild Berries, Vanilla and Strawberry.

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Tip (!) For toys alternate vaginally and anal

Do you want to alternate a toy both anally and vaginally during the same exciting moment? Or do you want to use it with multiple partners? It is not convenient to always have to clean in between. Fortunately, there is a handy tip: Use a toy cover.

This toy cover is comparable to a condom, made of latex rubber. They are of high quality and specially developed for use with toys. No toy covers in the house, but condoms? They also offer an excellent solution.

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