Getting and maintaining a good erection is important for a good sex life. Unfortunately, there are many men who deal with erection problems. Erection problems can present themselves in different ways. Think of an erectile dysfunction or looking for different ways to get and maintain a harder and longer erection. In order to improve your erection, we have to look for the root of the problem. We also share some tips that you can immediately apply to your own life.

The usefulness of an erection

To find out what can cause an erection problem, it is good to understand what exactly is the use of an erection. An erection is not only there for your pleasure. It has an evolutionary origin. As we know, sex is for procreation. Without an erection this cannot be possible and we would therefore not be able to reproduce. However, getting an erection is not self-evident, many men have to deal with erectile dysfunction. There can be several reasons that erectile dysfunction or erection problems arise. Namely:

  • The penis receives no or no correct signals from the brain (this may be due to neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's or, for example, Multiple Sclerosis (MS))
  • Insufficient blood supply to the penis (possible causes of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol or diabetes)
  • The erectile tissue may be damaged (for example, due to radiation treatment)
Get a better erection

Whether you have erectile dysfunction or are looking for ways to keep your erection longer, for both cases there are ways to get a better erection or improve your erection.

Tip 1: Reduce stress

Experiencing stress plays a major role in erection problems. This is often accompanied by fear. The thing is: you can't get a (good) erection due to too much stress, this causes fear the following times whether there will be a (good) erection and this fear causes even more tension. That way you get into a vicious circle of anxiety and stress. It is therefore important to find a way to relieve yourself of stress. Find a way to relax. This can be very tricky, especially in the beginning or if you don't do it often. Everyone has their own way of relaxing. What works very well for someone else may not work at all for you. So find a way that suits you and works well for you. Examples of relaxation are, for example, yoga or meditation. Some also find peace and relaxation when taking a long hot shower or bath. In any case, it is important that your muscles are not under tension. Give your body a rest both physically and mentally.

Tip 2: A healthy lifestyle

Your lifestyle can also have a major influence on your erection (problems). A healthy lifestyle can be interpreted broadly. What we mean by this are the following points:

  • Healthy and varied food (limited saturated fats, enough vegetables, fruit, healthy fats and proteins)
  • A good night's sleep (about 7 to 8 hours a night)
  • A healthy weight (based on your Body Mass Index)
  • Regular exercise (think 20-30 minutes a day)

In addition to these points, factors such as smoking and drinking also count in this list. Smoking and drinking can have a negative effect on your blood vessels, which can also reduce blood flow to the penis.

A healthy lifestyle can therefore be very effective for a better erection. Keep in mind that creating a lifestyle does not happen overnight. This takes time, discipline and willpower. Once you've created a lifestyle that works for you, you'll find that it gets easier every day to maintain that lifestyle.

Tailor-made personal advice

We now know what the different causes of erectile dysfunction or reduced erection can be. We also know what you can do yourself to improve your erection. Every person and every body is different. This is something we can understand very well. That is why we would like to invite you to the store to offer you both a listening ear and personal advice. Based on your story and experiences, we can provide appropriate advice based on our expertise and knowledge.

Our door is always open and we think everything is negotiable, so don't hesitate to come and visit us in the best sex shop in Amsterdam . It is also possible to make an appointment for personal advice via our contact form .

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