Clean, safe and exciting: the best preparation for anal sex

Experimenting with anal sex is high on the wish list of many. And if you do it, you obviously want to do it right. Hygiene and safety are of paramount importance, but of course also sexual tension! To help you prepare for anal sex, we have listed a number of useful tips for you.

1. Choose the right lubricant

A sensual anal adventure starts with choosing the right lubricant. This ensures that the chance of wounds is reduced. We recommend Pjur's Back Door water-based lubricant. This is specially designed for anal sex and the use of anal toys.

It is infused with panthenol, which improves skin elasticity and helps to heal wounds, bind moisture and inhibit inflammation. Pjur Back Door also contains chamomile lubricant for a calming effect.

Discover Pjur Back Door water-based lubricant

Do you want to go for long sex pleasure? Water-based lubricant dries faster, so in that case it is better to choose silicone-based lubricant. Pjur also released their Back Door lubricant in this version. Jojoba extracts have been added, which makes the skin supple and soft.

Discover Pjur Back Door silicone lubricant

Note: this lubricant is not suitable for most toys, so choose a water-based one.

2. Start with an anal shower

To clean yourself anally, it is best to take an anal shower. Special accessories have been developed for this purpose that make this a lot easier. For example, the Renegade Body Cleanser.

This is equipped with a mouthpiece that you insert anal with lubricant. Then you squeeze the large bulb to absorb water or cleaning fluid. It may take some getting used to using it the first time, but after that it works super easy. The best preparation for your anal sex adventure.

Discover Renegade Body Cleanser Anal Shower

3. Provide good foreplay

With a nice foreplay you ensure that you relax and that the anal play goes more smoothly. This reduces the chance of any wounds and pain. Moreover, there are special toys that can help with that foreplay. For example, the Clean Stream Silicone Beaded Lube Launcher from XR Brands.

This is a deep lube application. It looks like a thin dildo with beads. That gives a nice feeling. In addition, you can fill the Lube Launcher with water-based lubricant and inject it anally. Penetration will be easier this way.

For foreplay, discover Clean Stream Silicone Beaded Lube Launcher

Prefer a quickie? Then use the special relaxing serum from Pjur Back Door for a quick preparation for anal sex. This invisible gel forms an invisible and protective layer on the skin that reduces sensitivity (but not the sensation!). It works within 15 seconds. It is safe to use, also in combination with condoms.

For quickies, check out Pjur Back Door Anal Comfort Serum

4. Use an anal condom if necessary

Using a condom for anal sex can certainly be an advantage for several reasons. You ensure that no viruses and bacteria can enter the body and it is also a safe option if you often change partners. You play it safe with a condom. Make sure you are well prepared for anal sex and stock up on Durex London Condoms .

Tip: Use them with plenty of lubricant and go for smooth anal play! If you want to have sex afterwards, that's no problem.

5. Relax and enjoy

So, with these tips you go for a good preparation for anal sex. As a final tip we would like to give you to enjoy and relax . This promotes the anal adventure and ensures that you can experience the stimulation to the maximum. Enjoy!

Do you order toys and accessories from Newside before 5 p.m.? Then they will be shipped the same day, of course discreetly. We wish you a good preparation and lots of anal sex excitement!


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