Giving or receiving a massage, many couples love it . You can make it even better by using massage oil, because this makes the movements sensual and smooth.

Our top 6 best massage oil

There are many types of massage oil on the market. How do you choose from all those different oils? Newside has made a selection for you with the top 6 best erotic massage oils. Discover which of these oils best suits your needs.

1. Best Buy Massage Oil: About To Get Wet from The Pleasure Label

This massage oil stands out for its wonderful scent. A natural blend of different oils, with hints of lemongrass, basil, leather and jade. This way you can relax completely. An additional advantage is that the oil is free of parabens and has not been tested on animals. You choose the perfect combination of smooth gliding, a pleasant scent and not absorbing the oil too quickly through the skin.

When it comes to value for money, this About To Get Wet is an absolute must-have. For only €14.95 you get no less than 250 ml. The pump works easily, so the massage can start immediately.

Discover About To Get Wet by The Pleasure Label 

2. Best massage oil with warming effect: Slow Sex Warming from Bijoux Indiscrets

As the name implies, the Slow Sex Warming 50 ml from Bijoux Indiscrets is the perfect warm-up for a sensual lovemaking. The delicious scent of coconut oil immediately activates your senses and invites you to caress, lick and kiss. A fine texture with delicious taste that increases the pleasure.

Add an extra dimension by blowing, the warming effect then becomes more intensive. Surprise your partner and choose this massage oil to complete your erotic play. A classic you must try. Massage further and further towards the intimate areas, this Slow Sex Warming is also safe to use there. Enjoy!

Discover Slow Sex Warming from Bijoux Indiscrets

3. Best massage oil and lubricant in one: Plaisir Rose Sauvage Silicone from Dorcel

Did you know that not every massage oil is suitable as a lubricant? Especially if you also use a condom. Fortunately, there is the Plaisir Rose Sauvage Silicone 100 ml from Dorcel, which is safe for internal and external use, both with condoms and latex.

The gel is hypoallergenic and takes into account the natural pH of the body. This way you can continue with sex immediately after the massage. No interruptions! The silky smooth texture of this oil in combination with the aphrodisiac scent makes the pleasure of the massage and the penetration even better than you are used to. We say, experience it for yourself and enjoy this delicious gel during foreplay and afterwards.

Discover Plaisir Rose Sauvage Silicone from Dorcel

4. Best Body-to-Body Massage Oil: Nori Seaweed and Aloe Vera from Nuru

With Nuru you choose the most erotic and seductive way to massage. This gel is particularly smooth and therefore perfect for a body-to-body massage. Grab a bowl and add a handful of gel to your body at a time. There are no limits to your fantasies. If you want to have sex afterwards, that's no problem.

This massage gel is made from natural ingredients. Moreover, it can also be used as a lubricant. Add to that the fact that the Nuru gel is particularly nourishing and moisturizing and smells good and you know that after using this panacea you will feel completely reborn.

Discover Nori Seaweed & Aloe Vera gel from Nuru

5. Best Scented Massage Oil: Swede Senze Massage Oil

For you, is massage oil mainly about the scent in combination with the perfect texture? Then get Swede Senze Massage Oil at home. We offer these in five different scents, so there is always one that suits you.

You can choose from Clove Orange Lavender (yellow), Grapefruit Palmarosa Petitgrain (purple), Jasmine Neroli Ylang Ylang (pink), Lemon Pepper Eucalyptus (green) and Vanilla Sandalwood (brown). All fine blends of vegetable oils, scented with a selection of pure essential oils (100% vegan). Why not try all the scents? In any case, you can't go wrong with the price. This fine massage oil of 75 ml costs only € 11.95 each.

TIP: put the massage oil in a bowl and place it in another bowl with hot water for five minutes. This releases the essential oils, creating the perfect setting for your massage.

Discover Massage Oil in several scents from Swede Senze

6. Best Skin Nourishing Massage Oil: Guavalva Massage by Hemp Seed

With Guavalva Massage 60 ml from Hemp Seed you choose the best mix of 100% essential oils, including hemp, almond, grape seed, apricot and vitamin E. This will relax you.

This nourishing formula absorbs into the skin, providing deep conditioning and hydration. Fine oil that glides softly and smoothly, that's what you can expect. You don't have to (and don't want to) wash it off after use. Use it during an exciting foreplay or just when you feel like touching each other. Of course you can also massage yourself!

Discover Guavalva Massage Oil from Hemp Seed

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