Hey, you're just making love, you notice that the climax is coming soon. Both the man in question and the partner would like to stretch this point. And that's exactly what you're in the right place for in this article. We give you the best tips for delaying the male orgasm.

Tip 1: Stop and continue!

When the moment is almost there, it helps to stop what you are doing. This is of course not always pleasant, but can temporarily prevent a climax. In addition, a man learns better to recognize the feeling of a near-orgasm. This allows him to regulate it better and better in the long run.

Tip 2: The squeeze technique

When a man is about to come, it helps to squeeze with thumb and forefinger under the head, just in the shaft. This technique was developed by experts of sex therapy Masters and Johnson (Masters of Sex). Why this works? Because it pushes blood out of the penis, reducing the incentive to ejaculate.

Tip 3: The tantra technique

Tantra is also seen as the key to sexual pleasure and mental strength. A well-known method of delaying orgasm is to squeeze the perineum. This is a place between the balls and the anus and, like the squeezing technique, reduces the urge to come.

Tip 4: Training pelvic floor muscle

Alternately tensing and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles makes it easier to postpone a climax. A nice side effect is that it also ensures a harder erection. You can do this training, for example, by tightening these muscles for six seconds. Then relax for six counts and repeat ten times. What also helps is to stop while urinating and continue a few seconds later.

Tip 5: Use orgasm retarding spray, lotion or gel

There are several products on the market that delay orgasm. These sprays, lotions or gels provide a light anesthetic, of course harmless and temporary. The type of product you like depends of course on your preference. We recommend the following orgasm delayers:

  1. Stud 100 – Orgasm Delay Spray
    This contains a mild anesthetic that makes the stimuli to ejaculation less activated. You spray this remedy on the glans. 
  1. Bull Power – Orgasm retarding gel
    Herbal extracts naturally dampen the sexual stimuli in the nerves in the erogenous zones, allowing you to delay ejaculation for up to 30 minutes.
  1. Suifan's Kwang Tze China Brush – Orgasm Delay Lotion
    An oriental remedy based on natural ingredients that was developed more than 100 years ago. This also allows the orgasm to be delayed for up to 30 minutes.

Tip 6: She on top

You might think that a man gets very aroused when she jumps on top of him. That is of course true in most cases, but when it comes to ejaculation, it can actually help to make the act last longer. Especially if the ladies bend forward a little more, because that way the penetration becomes less deep. In this way, the man can let himself go less and cannot make the movements that he himself likes best . Ladies on top!

Tip 7: More extensive foreplay

This tip doesn't work for everyone, but for some couples it can be nice to make foreplay last as long as possible. The man can spend extra time with the partner, so that he finds it less annoying when the man finishes quickly after penetration. So it is not really a solution, but it does ensure a longer lasting lovemaking.

Tip 8: Think of something else

We would not necessarily recommend this last tip, but if you really want to last longer, it can work to think of something completely different. That could be a job around the house, your job or even your mother-in-law. Well, of course you run the risk that the whole moment is gone, so be sure to try the above tips first and discover what you can achieve with them. Good luck!

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