Is anal sex harmful? Everything you need to know about ass fucking

ass fucking. anal sex. Inserting the penis, finger, or sex toy into your anus. Many men dream of it. Gays often do. And many women are against it. Is anal sex harmful? Why do men want anal sex? And how do you get started? Be sure to read on!


Why anal sex? Because it can be very tasty!

"Is anal sex nice?" must be the first question that pops up on this topic. Certainly for some, provided the right preparation. Packed with nerve endings, the anus of both men and women is also super sensitive and a potential erogenous zone.


By the way, anal sex is not only something for a love affair between two men, it can also have its place in a man-woman relationship. In men, the prostate is stimulated during anal penetration, which is why some straight men like it when their wife spoils them anally with a toy, for example.


And what do women think of anal sex? Because of the previously mentioned nerves in the anus, it can also be a very exciting new experience for a woman. But that differs from person to person.


How to prepare for anal sex?

The sphincter is not used to something being pushed in, but this muscle is still very stretchy and you can "train" it.


How do you start with anal sex? Take it easy! You should not immediately start with a steamy lovemaking with anal penetration. It is better to explore yourself yourself, for example by massaging your anus and anal zone while showering and experience how that feels.


The next step could be that you insert a finger with the help of lubricant, while lying quietly on your side on the bed. There are also a lot of anal toys available that can help you prepare. Be sure to check out .


Before you start with the actual act: first go to the "big toilet" to empty your bowels. Wash your anal area and buttocks and you could possibly do an enema if you feel comfortable with it.


Attention: don't do it if you are constipated or have diarrhea, that just makes it a messy experience that is anything but erotic.


Does it hurt?

Why does sex hurt when you do it through the "back door"? Probably because you go too fast and didn't pay enough attention to the preparations. Unlike the vagina, the anus does not have the ability to moisten itself for lovemaking, so lubricant is indispensable.


In addition, patience is a virtue. Slowly is the message! Also try to relax completely so that the sphincter muscle also relaxes. Moreover, if you are very excited, the sphincter will be even more stretchable.


Prolonged foreplay with possibly oral or vaginal sex is recommended. Having an orgasm before the anal penetration also makes it easier and all the hotter.


Is anal sex dangerous? Not if you do it right! Always ask your partner to be careful, to use lubricant and a condom, and to stop immediately if it hurts. First vaginal sex and then anal penetration is perfectly possible, but do not go from the anus to the vagina (or mouth) without thoroughly washing the penis and putting on a new condom, otherwise a (vaginal) infection could put a damper can put on your sex life.


Which positions for the best sex "by the back door"?

Not every position provides easy penetration through the anus, which is why it is certainly important to choose a suitable position in the beginning.


Spoon-spoon from behind: the getting partner lies on his/her side with one leg raised - the ideal position for “newbies”.


Cowgirl/-boy: the getting partner crouches down on the erect penis and thus has control over the depth and speed of the penetration.


Missionary: good old, not so boring missionary with raised legs is perfect for looking each other sensually in the eye.


Doggy-style: doggy style in the anal version - the “giver” has great control, only suitable for slightly advanced “ass fuckers”.


Keep it safe

As with all forms of sex, it is important to do it safely with anal penetration. The anus is prone to tears, which can cause minor bleeding. So always use a condom!


There are special, extra strong condoms for anal sex. Choose a high-quality, well-fitting copy from Newside Sexshop Amsterdam that you replace every 15 minutes to prevent tearing due to sanding.

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