How can you delay ejaculation?

It is the wish of many men: to delay ejaculation. Of course you want to be a 'god' in bed, and show your (new) partner that you can completely control your ejaculation. But wish and reality (unfortunately) do not always go together here.

It is and still remains a taboo: Problems in bed. For men, in addition to the lack of an erection, ejaculation (much) too early is the biggest problem.

Let's be clear: Coming too soon is definitely not a disease! The underlying causes can be very diverse and, unlike erection problems, relatively easy to treat yourself. Without the help of your doctor. Because yes, talking to your doctor about ejaculating less quickly is also very difficult.

What exactly is premature ejaculation?

We speak of premature ejaculation if ejaculation takes place very shortly after penetration. You feel like there's no way you can delay ejaculation.

A 'normal' penetration can take up to 10 minutes, depending on factors such as age and the amount of sex in the past period. But if you keep coming too quickly, you often don't make it to 2 minutes, sometimes even shorter.

This has a negative impact on your self-confidence, your self-image, and of course, your relationship. This can be very frustrating for both partners

Is this recognizable to you?

Why am I cumming so fast?

The origin of ejaculating too quickly is rarely physical, although that can never be ruled out.

Worldwide, specialists agree that premature ejaculation is often related to psychological complaints. Think, for example, of anxiety, intense stress, or a low libido.

If you immediately recognize yourself in this, then it is time to tackle those problems first.


How can you delay ejaculation?

The most bizarre tips and tricks circulate on the internet to delay ejaculation. Some can be effective, but in most cases the tip is a prelude to an e-book, where you can immediately pull your bank card. Do not!

Fortunately, there are a number of reliable solutions that offer a solution in 9 out of 10 cases, without the intervention of a doctor.

Training your perineum

When you are peeing and you want to interrupt it, you automatically contract the muscles between your anus and your scrotum. Right, that's the perineum. The stronger this muscle, the better you can delay ejaculation.

This muscle is very easy to train: During urination you tighten the muscle and hold it for 5 to 6 seconds. Then continue to urinate slowly and repeat. If you do this faithfully, your perineum will be able to hold back your sperm after a few weeks, when YOU want it!

A trained perineum also prevents incontinence in the long term, so the knife cuts both ways.

Take the time for making love

Making love isn't just about fucking and cumming. Good lovemaking is mainly foreplay, touching each other, caressing, using sex toys, sweet words, turning each other on, and yes: also penetrating.

Use the penetration (say, for 10 seconds) to "tease" your partner. Mix it all up and you'll find yourself getting extremely turned on, but not (yet) to the point where you need to come.

And the moment you finally come, the orgasm is extremely intense for you and for your partner!

Of course this is different for everyone, so try to experiment with this. Shift your focus from the genitals to the WHOLE body. The same goes for your partner.

Is Delay Spray a solution?

There are men who use a delay spray temporarily, during the treatment of psychological problems or during the training period of the perineum. There are also men who use delay spray almost permanently.

In any case, delay spray is worth a try.

Click here for an overview of delay sprays.

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