Work up a sweat…. Raise that heartbeat… Breathe faster… Of all the ways to work on your fitness, a solid lovemaking is the best! How healthy is sex? How Many Calories Do You Burn During Sex? Maybe not as much as you might think!

How many calories during sex: the hard numbers

First things first : How many kcal do you burn with sex? Of course, that's a bit of a "how long is a piece of string" question. Because how long does sex last on average? How much time are you on it? And are you very active, or do you rather leave the hard "work" to your partner?

It also depends on whether you are a man or a woman – really! A study from the University of Montreal compared calorie burn during a jog with a session between the sheets. And unfortunately, you should put on your sneakers rather than take off your clothes if the number of calories consumed is the most important thing to you.

A love affair of about 25 minutes is good for about 101 kcal in men, and only 69 kcal in women. That's just under 3 calories per minute for the ladies.

Why do the men have a higher number of calories consumed on the counter? This is mainly because they weigh more on average and therefore require more energy for each movement. And because they are often more active in bed. At least, that's what the study's author and professor of human kinetics, Antony Karelis, claims.

Still, it's nice that you can enter something between 70 and 100 kcal on your exercise app after a steamy night, right? Well… it also all depends on how long you've been at it. The 25 minutes of research (including foreplay) is something many of us don't get on a daily basis. Often a lovemaking is done in less than fifteen minutes.

How many calories per position

With the question “how many calories do you burn with sex?”, we also have to distinguish between different positions. It makes sense that as a woman you will burn less during the missionary than with a reverse cowgirl, for example. An additional advantage of the latter: your abdominal and gluteal muscles get a solid workout! Here is an overview per stand:

Missionary: lying on your back for 30 minutes (as a woman) and you burn about 60 kcal. Not bad!

Spooning: spoon-spoon and in the meantime quiet sex consumes about the same amount of kcal as missionary.

Doggy style: good for 82 kcal per half hour – and it will give you strong arms and shoulders.

Lotus: although this is an intimate, quieter position, you still use 90 kcal in half an hour and you have to put your abs to work.

Cowgirl/reverse cowgirl: more intensive than doggy style, so about 94 kcal in 30 minutes. Plus a tight stomach and buttocks (if you practice enough ;-) )

Oral sex: you also use calories while giving (and receiving) oral sex, about 60 in half an hour to be exact.

You can add a whole lot to that with kissing (34 kcal per 30 minutes), massaging (40 kcal per 30 minutes) and moaning and sighing (18-30 kcal - really). So don't skip foreplay and speak up during sex – it's good for your health!

To come or not to come

And then the question arises: how many calories do you burn when you come? You feel an orgasm in your whole body, your muscles tense, your heart rate increases even more and you have to gasp for breath... Sounds like a solid workout!

Unfortunately we have to disappoint you: for an orgasm you can charge about 4 kcal, that's it. But every little bit helps to get rid of a pack of cookies or greasy pizza, right? And if you are one of the lucky ones who can achieve multiple orgasms in a row…

You can calculate how many kcal you have just consumed on the site - although it is not very scientifically substantiated and you may have to take the results with a grain of salt. Still, it can be nice to do the sum after you and your bed partner are satisfied.

Sex makes you slim, muscular and fit

"How many calories do you burn with sex" is a very personal question, because it depends on what positions you choose often, how long you're in it, how intense you go for it, whether you come or not, etc. But if at the end of If you're a bit sticky with sweat during the ride, you're panting a lot and you're gasping for breath, you're already doing a good job - on several levels!

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