There’s a whole buffet of sensations when we talk about the ever-evolving landscape of sexual wellness and pleasure. From the iconic rabbit vibrator to those trendy air pulsation toys. But if you’re into that deep and delicious penetrating pleasure, then you’re gonna wanna check out thrusting and pulsating toys – they’re the real deal!

Sex toys that thrust are labor-savors, giving you the feeling of being penetrated without any physical effort on your part. It’s like having a personal assistant for pleasure, where the toy takes care of the pumping and thrusting for you. With thrusting and pulsating toys, you can say goodbye to tired wrists or sweaty palms, whether it’s yours or your partner’s.

If you’re ready to thrust into some next-level penetrative play, take a look at the Top 5 Thrusting Vibrators we have at Newside Erotic Shop:

  1. Svakom's Ava Neo
    Svakom's Ava Neo Thrusting Vibrator for Newside's Top 5 Thrusting Vibrators
    If you're new to thrusting vibrators, Svakom's interactive thrusting vibe is a great pick for beginners: lightweight with a soft head and gentle ridges. It's the smallest vibrator on the list (11cm insertable length), but it packs a punch. What makes the Ava Neo special is the ability for personalized pleasure, offering five vibration modes in five levels of intensity. Within this, you can customize each session with independent vibrations, thrusts, or a combination of both. How yummy!

  2. Temptasia's Lazarus
    Temptasia's Lazarus Thrusting Vibrator for Newside's Top 5 Thrusting Vibrators
    Okay, now this toy will have you trusting the thrust. Temptasia's Lazarus not only vibrates as a whole, but also has three powerful thrusting speeds with a 1.25’’ (3.1cm) thrusting length, and one button on the handle to control it all. Lazarus has a ribbed shaft, an ergonomic handle, and is dramatically curvy at the tip for G-spot and P-spot stimulation. You’ll want to hold that handle tight when it gets going, she’s powerful. Very powerful.

  3. FemmeFunn's Essenza
    FemmeFunn's Essenza Thrusting Vibrator for Newside's Top 5 Thrusting Vibrators
    This thrust is a must if you’re looking for a dual stimulator that not only offers clit vibration, but a thrusting shaft that expands and contracts as you move. The beautiful Essenza has seven thrust modes and three external vibration settings to help you reach the big ol’ O. She's a silky soft, premium grade silicone rabbit vibrator that will have your toes curling in bed, with a partner, or just riding solo.

  4. Naked Addiction's 9'' Thrusting Dong
    Naked Addiction's 9'' Thrusting Dong for Newside's Top 5 Thrusting Vibrators
    For lovers of realistic thrusting fun, Naked Addiction's 9'' Thrusting Dong is seriously a dream. Unbelievably soft to the touch yet firm where needed, with 100% platinum cure silicone too. This cutie features seven thrusting speeds, an intense Climax Mode that thrusts intensely for 10 seconds, and a suction-cup base that sticks firmly to any smooth surface; allowing for hands-free play and pleasure.

  5. Sweet Smile's Thrusting & Rotating Double Vibrator
    Sweet Smile's Thrusting & Rotating Vibrator for Newside's Top 5 Thrusting Vibrators
    And last but not least, meet Sweet Smiles ultimate pleasure tool that combines the concept of the beloved rabbit vibe with targeted clitoral love and deep, rhythmic thrusts (that also rotates too). It's just… wow. It has three different modes and an insertion length of 14.5cm (the longest on this list) and once it's in, prepare yourself for some thrusting magic 'cause she's a long and strong one!

And there you have it – our rundown of the Top 5 Thrusting Vibrators we have at Newside. These babies are a game-changer when it comes to pleasure, offering up an experience like no other. Whether you're all about penetration or you just want to take the load off your wrists, these toys have got you covered.

Thanks for joining us on this wild ride through our selection of thrusting vibrators. We’re sending you virtual hugs and high-fives to many more toe-curling, mind-blowing experiences ahead!

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