How often do we all have sex together? The older, the less!

In “The Big Bang Theory” we find that Sheldon Cooper only makes love to his beloved Amy once a year. And the other characters make fun of that… But how often does a couple have sex on average? How many times a week is sex normal? Do we really need to schedule steamy lovemaking every day - or at least every week? Newside sex shop Amsterdam figured it out!


How often do we go butt in the Netherlands?

In the beginning of a new relationship you just can't get enough of each other and the "horizontal salsa" is on the program several times a week (or even a day!). But the longer you are together, the frequency decreases. But that doesn't mean there's anything wrong.

“How often do people have sex per week on average?” is a question that is asked very often. In the Netherlands the answer is actually: not even every week, but about 3 times a month. On a more international level, thanks to a study by The International Society for Sexual Medicine, we also know how often people of a certain age do it.


It comes as no surprise that the youngest age group is the most active between the sheets…


How often sex by age group

Young, carefree couples between the ages of 18 and 29 do it about 112 times a year - a nice twice a week. They are bursting with energy, often start a new relationship and (usually) don't have too many responsibilities or problems yet. After that it starts to go downhill…


People in their thirties have sex about 86 times a year, which amounts to 1.6 times a week. In this group, the emphasis is more on developing a career, having children and a busy social life - and therefore less on bed sports. The same goes for people in their 40s, who can find time to have sex about once a week in an often busy schedule.


Over the age of 50, we often suffer from ailments or illnesses and the production of hormones such as estrogen and testosterone decreases. Men sometimes can't get "him" straight and women can deal with vaginal dryness. But that does not mean that people over 50 no longer enjoy sexuality, because they still do that about twice a month.


Are we going up another age category, towards the 60s and 70s? Then the "action" will decrease even further, because the hormone production still drops, along with the energy level. But that doesn't mean their sex life is boring! The elderly still enjoy intimacy just as much, but often in a different way.


How many times sex a week is normal?

How often sex is on the program during the week is entirely your own choice. Forget “normal”, because there is no such thing! For one, a day is not complete without a visit to the bedroom, a quickie in the kitchen or a blowjob in between. While others are quite happy with once a month. And that's OK.


A big difference in sex drive between two partners can be a problem. Does one really feel like every moment of the day, every day, while the other prefers to do it only once on Sunday? Then that can cause problems!


In that case, good communication is very important, and the partner with a lesser sex drive may occasionally satisfy the other in a different way. Also check out our mood setters, aphrodisiacs, sexy lingerie or games for couples at . Or visit our Eroticshop Amsterdam.


How many times sex a week is healthy?

Healthy is something else than normal. Is sex healthy? Of course! Research has shown that having good sex once or twice a week is good for the immune system. But that doesn't mean you're less healthy if you do it less often.

Added to this is the question “what is sex”, because it's not just penetration that counts! The entire sexual experience is important , including kissing, caressing, licking, massaging, hand or mouth satisfaction, the use of sex toys , etc.


So how many times a week you have sex also depends on what you do besides the “pump work”. Because all this is also good for health and for building an intimate bond with your partner. Enjoying your body, with or without penetration, with or without orgasm - it's all good for you!


The conclusion is simple: quality over quantity and just doing it when you feel like it - that's normal and healthy!

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