Sex with yourself: How to jerk off?

Solo sex, sex with yourself, masturbating, pulling your pole, jerking, or jerking off: It doesn't matter what you call it, jerking off is one of the few things that almost every (young) man does, has done, or will do .

Research has shown that more than 95% of (young) men jerk themselves off with a certain regularity, or have ever done so.

Does that surprise you? You are certainly not alone, but masturbating or jerking off is not exactly a topic that is discussed during a birthday party. It is still taboo. Too bad, because there's nothing wrong with it. On the contrary, it has benefits for your health.

Jerking Yourself Off: Everyone Does It, But No One Talks About It!

Consciously or unconsciously, most of us masturbated from a very young age: Small children often touch their own genitals and, as far as we know, they do so because they seek comfort. The children also experience a form of fun with this. This early sexual stimulus is of course not comparable to the sexual pleasure that (young) adults experience. Although the motivation and implementation are different, it is still a form of masturbation.

What is masturbating?

In short, masturbating is stimulating yourself sexually by caressing your genitals and other sensitive parts of your body.

Despite the many myths that circulate on the internet, I can assure you that masturbating or jerking off will not have any negative consequences for your physical and mental health. On the contrary: The whole medical community agrees that jerking off is a healthy way to create a sense of well-being, to find out about your likes and dislikes, and to become familiar with your own body.

How to subtract

'How do you jerk yourself off ? ' is a frequently asked question, especially among young adults who have not yet had sexual experience. But beware: I also advise men who think they have a lot of experience to read on. At the end of this article, I'll give you some great tips to make handjobs tastier and most importantly, more explosive!

But first dispel those annoying myths.

Jerking off will NOT :

  • Cause headaches, blindness, or other problems with your eyes.
  • Hair growth on your palms.
  • More pimples.
  • A bigger or a smaller penis.
  • A change in color, sensitivity, or appearance of your penis or balls. (Except during sexual arousal with an erection, but that is normal)
  • Better or worse fertility.

Jerking off can cause :

  • Physical and mental relaxation.
  • Improving blood circulation.
  • Increase the ease to control an orgasm in terms of timing.
  • Relieving depression or anxiety by releasing endorphins. (The 'happiness hormones' in your brain)
  • Improving your own body image and (sexual) self-esteem.

In short: Jerking off is very normal and is even good for your health!


And now for the practice: How should you subtract?

First of all you have to be 'in the mood' of course. Subtraction for the sake of subtraction will not work in most cases. Also, a routine of "jerking yourself off before going to sleep" is almost a "must do." Of course nothing wrong with that if you feel good about it. Totally okay. But jerking yourself off is much more exciting if you do it when you feel like it, when you feel horny. That can be at school (going to the toilet), just at home (locking the bedroom door!), or at work. Does not matter. Everything is OK!

Because of your horny feeling, and by caressing yourself on all your sensitive spots, your penis starts to grow until you finally have a firm erection.

In short: How should you subtract?

You close your palm around your erect penis, and make an up and down movement, pulling your foreskin over the head of the penis. This will stimulate your glans (the most sensitive part of your body) to the maximum so that you will eventually have an orgasm. During ejaculation you feel 'high', your body starts to writhe, and sperm comes out of your penis, often with great force.

Many people fantasize before and during jerking off about what they would do sexually if they were all alone, or if they were with a partner. For example, having sex with a partner in broad daylight in the kitchen or in the garden. And how about a threesome with those two cute sisters down the street? Fantasize about it!

And yes, many men try to reach their own penis with their mouth. Of course super horny, but no matter how flexible you are, you won't succeed in blowing yourself.

But you can do many other things:

Your whole body has sensitive spots. While this is different for everyone, you can try stroking the insides of your legs, your nipples, your neck, your face, or maybe even your feet. Take the time to discover all this.

Jerk off the way YOU want!

Remember that you are alone, and everything that you do is about you. YOU are the protagonist and only YOU decide what is good for and what feels good. It's definitely not about what you've seen or heard, or what you think you need to do to "perform" when having sex with a partner.

Many people like to just jerk off, without the fuss. If you feel comfortable with that, that's okay, of course. Others find it very exciting to rub their penis against a chair. Be creative, everything is good!

2 tips for more excitement during jerking off

The basic principles are now clear, but there is more. With a lot of imagination and creativity you can take it a few big steps further for more pleasure, more excitement, leading to an overwhelming orgasm.

Cum when YOU want it

What jerking off is very good for is training yourself to delay your orgasm as long as possible until the moment you want it YOURSELF. This training can be very helpful if, for example, you want to come at the same time with a partner. You, or your partner, will then have to be able to control yourself until you are both ready.

During the jerk off you feel at a certain moment that you are almost on the point of 'no return'. At that moment you immediately stop jerking off, tighten your sphincter, and give yourself a minute of rest. In the meantime, you can continue to caress other parts of your body. Whatever you like. Then you slowly start subtracting again until you reach the same point. Keep this up as long as possible. With this you train yourself in controlled ejaculation at the moment YOU want.

Use sex toys

There are also many sex toys on the market for men. Just think of a cock ring or a butt plug. The latter in particular is very popular. But beware: As tasty as it is, don't just put something in your anus. In all your horniness, you may be able to do anything that is basically dangerous. Something that is relatively small and is not intended as a sex toy can just slip in through a natural muscle movement. Can you imagine how that will feel? And then you have to go to the emergency room. That will be very embarrassing. So don't!

A butt plug made for this purpose, together with a lubricant, is very safe because the base (the part that remains outside the anus) is much wider than the top. This way sliding in is impossible.

A vacuum cleaner is also a much-discussed tool. But putting your penis in the vacuum cleaner hose is not only very dirty, but also dangerous.

If you want to put your penis somewhere safe, try a Fleshlight : An amazing artificial vagina with a special texture inside for maximum stimulation of your penis. Guaranteed an explosive orgasm. You can even attach it to the shower wall with a suction cup. Lots of options and lots of fun!

And then this…

Jerking off is a very healthy activity that can bring you a lot of pleasure and an explosive orgasm. Take your time and discover, your own body, your own limits, your own feelings.

Because let's be honest: You're the only one who knows where your limits are and what you like. No partner can ever match that!

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