The Best Sex Toys for Couples: Where Do You Start?

There comes a time in every sexual relationship when it is necessary to stimulate sex a little. Not that you don't have enough together, but more to try new things. The ultimate way to do that is to experiment with couples sex toys. Many sex toys are designed for single use. This is of course fine if you feel like it, or if your partner is absent. But what if you want to buy sex toys designed to be used together?

To help you choose sex toys for couples, I wrote this blog. At the end comes the most exciting part. So read on quickly!

But first this: If it's been a while since you've had an interest in sex toys, you'll be amazed by all the types of sex toys on the market today : In all shapes, colors, sizes and flavors. You can't make it up so crazy, or it's available.

Sex toys have been around for a long time

If you think using sex toys is a thing of. The last generation, then you are completely wrong. Archaeologists have found sex toys dating back over 2 centuries BC, mainly in the form of vibrators.

Thanks to the invention of electricity, and later batteries, sex toys also entered a new phase: The first electric vibrators were used by doctors to treat 'hysteria' in female patients.

Did you know that the first electric vibrator was invented more than 10 years before the invention of the iron and the vacuum cleaner? Proof that even then women were more interested in sex than ironing and vacuuming… (ok, a bit short-sighted, but a fun fact!)

Due to the technological developments of the past 25 years, the development of sex toys has made a great (digital) flight. Classic vibrators are of course still there, but modern sex toys go much further: From sex toys for couples, to remote sex toys and sex toys based on Virtual Reality.

Lots of choice in sex toys for couples

Sex toys have become high-tech products these days. But that doesn't mean you have to go along with it. It's okay to start off slow with some exciting couples sex toys that are still 'old fashioned'. Have no fear, because these sex toys are still around and more exciting than ever!

Buying sex toys for couples: From idea to implementation

Don't make hasty decisions without involving your partner first. Then go shopping together.


Discuss it with your partner first

Maybe you are eager to go straight to the sex shop, or order a sex toy online, but that is not a good idea. If you want it to be fun for both, it is important to discuss this with your partner first. The key to success is. Finding sex toys that turn both of you on. And that can only be done by discussing it beforehand. By the way, the discussion can be an exciting moment in itself…

Shopping together for your ultimate sex toy!

Selecting and buying your sex toys together is half the fun. The best way is to visit a sex shop so that you can get expert advice and see and feel the sex toys for yourself. In the sex shop you can poke around for maybe other ideas, and you can ask questions to the seller. Maybe you just want to feel how soft that one vibrator is, or how strong the vibrations are. A good idea of ​​the size can also be important.

But if you don't feel comfortable with that, you also have the option to order the sex toys online. The sex toys will then be delivered to your home in a neutral packaging within a few days.

Are you beginners? Keep it simple !

Especially if you want to try this for the first time, it is wise to keep it simple. Then don't go straight for the complicated sex toys that are connected to the internet. A good example is the couple vibrator.

A couple vibrator

A good idea to start is the so-called couple vibrator, a vibrator for couples, also called a 'Vibe'. There are all kinds of couple vibrators available and different ways to use them. They are basically designed to stimulate both partners (in this case a hetero couple) to the maximum at the same time.

Again: Keep it simple, especially in the beginning.

If your partner shows up with a giant remote-controlled vibrator, you probably feel very intimidated. An old fashioned 'normal' model might be better: Less intimidating and just as much fun for both of you!

The best sex toys for couples

Ok, we've had all the blabla now, and we're moving on to practice. Which sex toys for couples can I highly recommend? I'll list them for you:

A couple vibrator , worn by the woman

As said before: A couples vibrator is a great sex toy to start with. There are different brands and types, and each couple vibrator has its advantages and disadvantages.

But they all work about the same: The couple vibrator has the shape of a U, and is inserted by the woman. The vibrator can only be used by the woman, but it only becomes very exciting when the man starts to penetrate while the woman is using the couples vibrator. The man feels the vibrations very well, which gives an extra dimension to the lovemaking.

The most famous couple vibrators are made by We-Vibe, for example the We-Vibe Chorus . Admittedly: This couples vibrator has the option to be controlled remotely. But of course that is not mandatory. Save this option for later. Initially, you can simply use the We-Vibe with 'old-fashioned' buttons. The disadvantage is that the We-Vibe products are quite expensive.

Another brand is 'Satisfyer' . Generally cheaper than the We-Vibe , and with nearly the same capabilities.

A very stylish version of a 'Satisfyer' , in black with a gold finish in matte, can be found here:

The male form of a couple vibrator

There is also a couple vibrator that can be worn by the man. It may sound more complicated than it really is, because this is basically a cock ring with vibrating functions. This is worn by the man and stimulates not only the penis, but also the partner's clitoris.

An additional advantage is that the erection lasts longer and the orgasm is delayed for maximum pleasure!

Have a look here: 

Butt plugs for both of you

Have you ever used a butt plug? Whether or not you like anal sex, a butt plug can always be used. Penetration with fingers or penis is therefore not necessary at all to enjoy the anal stimulation. Just lubricating the anus and the butt plug with lubricant is a sensation in itself. Do this together, and enjoy the extra excitement in your anus while you are busy with each other in other ways.

A good starter set, in three different sizes, is this:

Or this one, if you prefer ridges:

Strap on dildo

Whether you're a female-female or female-male couple, this is a couples sex toy that everyone should try.

A strap-on dildo is worn by the woman (for a straight couple) in the form of a kind of harness to which a dildo is attached at the front. The idea is to be able to penetrate the man from behind. In a female-female couple, wearing can be alternated and used for vaginal penetration or for anal penetration.

My favorite strap-on set is this:

Don't forget the lubricant and massage oil

An erotic massage as foreplay is magical! Pleasure for both of you where the genitals should be emphatically avoided in the first place. Little by little you will become hornier and the rest will take care of itself.

Massage oil, just like sex toys, comes in all types, flavors and scents. Have a look here to see if your favorite is here:

Especially if you are going to experiment with butt plugs or anal fingering, lubricant is very important. Don't forget to order these.

I tried this one a while ago. Was very surprising! (in the positive sense!)

Final note on couples sex toys

Whatever you start with, always choose together and discover the possibilities together. Sex toys for couples are an addition to enrich and possibly revive your sex life, but everything starts with you.

Always keep in mind that sex is a game of enjoyment, enjoying each other's presence and body together. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

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