How does an anal shower work?

In general, we consider the anus to be 'dirty'. We all know that our stool comes out of the anus, and that it often has a bad smell. For that reason, anal sex is not for everyone. No problem, I can understand that.

But what if I told you that there is an anal shower that can completely clean your anus from the inside, so that there are no surprises during anal sex?

Became curious? Read on quick!

Not so long ago, sex was still a big taboo: You don't talk about it! Fortunately, that has now changed. Although it's not a topic for a (well-behaved) birthday party, we'll talk about it more. And not only about sex in general, but also about specific topics such as an orgasm, erection, exciting sex positions, etc.

But what still remains taboo is anal sex. Anal sex is dirty, is only for gays, etc. But nothing could be further from the truth. Anal sex is fun for everyone!

And if you feel insecure about unpleasant surprises during anal sex, I can definitely recommend an anal shower.

What is an anal shower?

Anal douching is cleaning your anus, usually in preparation for anal sex. The purpose of anal rinsing is to reduce the chance that fecal matter, including foul odors, will ruin your anal sex.

Most anal showers use plain water to clean your rectum. Water is always injected, let it work for a while, and then 'defecate'.

Is anal rinsing really necessary?

Anal showering has advantages and disadvantages, let me be clear about that. In general, your own body takes care of cleaning (and keeping it clean) your intestines. Unless you need to go to the toilet, the lower part of your intestines is always free of stool. There is no finger or penis long enough to reach the part of the intestine where your stool is collecting. The safest choice is to have anal sex after going to the toilet.

For some people, a normal shower, along with cleaning the external part of the anus, is enough to feel confident.

Just make sure you don't use too much soap. Used. The anus is very sensitive and some soaps can cause irritation.

But even if you have been to the toilet, and your body takes care of cleaning the intestines itself, it can of course always happen that faeces remain in the intestines and on the inside of the anus.

This is especially the case if your diet is not that strict: low in fiber, high in fat, and low in fluids.

Certainly in that case, an anal shower can be a godsend, even if it would only be for your own reassurance.

Is an anal douche safe?

I'm not a doctor, and I'm not going to pretend to know everything about anal cleaning, but I haven't had any negative experiences with it. I have been using an anal shower for almost 10 years with no negative consequences.

But let me be clear: Your gut contains bacteria. Most bacteria are benign and necessary for the proper functioning of your digestive system. In addition, the good bacteria keep the bad bacteria under control. If you shower anal too often, or too aggressively, the good bacteria can partly wash away. This can predispose you to stomach and intestinal complaints.

The best advice I can give you: Listen to your own body! Only you know what you feel, so only you make the right decision. Can take on the frequency of an anal shower.

It is important to keep in mind that accidents can happen. So if you ever find yourself in a situation where things are going to get a bit 'messy': Don't panic! It certainly doesn't make you a dirty person or a monster. It means you are just human. A normal person.

Do you remember this one?

King, Emperor , Admiral : They all shit!

So: How does an anal douche work?

There are roughly two types of anal showers: An attachment on the shower head that sprays water into your anus, and a kind of balloon that pumps water into your anus through a spout.

Anal shower as an attachment on the shower head

This is the easiest way to clean your anus in preparation for anal sex. Assuming you are now in the shower and have the attachment firmly attached to the shower hose, you need to do the following:

  • Turn on the water tap

Make sure the water is lukewarm. Not too hot and certainly not too cold. Do not turn on the tap completely, because too high a water pressure is not recommended for the sensitive anus. If you point the shower head upwards, the water jet should not exceed more than 10 centimeters. That is of course a guideline. You feel best how far you can go.

  • Place the anal douche against your anus

It is not absolutely necessary to actually insert the anal shower into your anus. If you hold the head of the anal shower against your anus, your anus will begin to relax on its own. The water will then flow in automatically. If you have trouble relaxing your anus, you can caress your anus with your fingers and maybe stick a finger in your anus. Relaxing is then easier.

  • Let the water flow for 5 seconds

5 seconds should be enough to fill your colon with water. If you do this longer, the water will also move higher in your intestines. The higher, the trickier to get it. Get water out again. So don't exaggerate!

  • Hold this for a few minutes

If you can, try to hold the water down for at least 1 minute (preferably 3 minutes). You may want to move a little, or jump up and down, to help the water do its job better. Be careful with the slippery shower floor!

  • Just spray!

When you can't hold it in any longer, relax your anus and squirt out the water. You can do this in the toilet, but if you're okay with a little stool (usually just brownish water) in your shower, then the toilet isn't necessary.

  • To repeat

Repeat this process until the water comes out clear and odorless. This can be up to 5 times, depending on what you ate recently and whether you've already been to the toilet.

  • Clean your anus

After the whole process, clean the outside of your anus with water and mild soap.

Anal shower in the form of an enema

Another option is to use an enema. This is a kind of balloon with a spout. You fill the balloon with water, insert the spout into your anus, and pump the water in.

A big advantage is that you can easily take it with you, in case your tap attachment does not fit on the shower hose of your hotel. You can also use this version fairly easily on the toilet.

This is the method for an efficient cleaning:

  • Filling

Remove the spout and fill the balloon to the brim with lukewarm water. Close the balloon with the spout and keep it upright to prevent the water from leaking out again.

  • Use silicone lubricant

Lubricate the spout with lubricant. It is better to also lubricate your anus on the outside AND on the inside with a lubricant. To relax your anus, you can massage it with a finger.

  • Remove any air

Hold the balloon in your hand, with the spout still up, and gently squeeze it until water comes out of the spout. This will remove all the air. A little air in the intestines is not a problem, but it will make you pass wind.

  • Insert the spout into your anus

Insert the spout 3-5 centimeters deep into your anus. Not too far! If it starts to feel uncomfortable, stop immediately.

  • Push the water in

Now squeeze the balloon firmly and push the water inside. Depending on the quality of the balloon, you may need to squeeze hard sometimes. That's okay. You feel the water rushing in.

  • Hold this for a few minutes

As with the other method, try to keep the water down for at least 1 minute (preferably 3 minutes). You may want to move a little, or jump up and down, to help the water do its job better. Be careful with the slippery shower floor!

  • Just spray!

After the 3 minutes, or when you can't hold it anymore, squirt the water out. You can do this in the shower, but if you want to be sure, the toilet is a better choice. This is because larger pieces of stool can come out with it.

  • To repeat

Repeat this whole process until the water comes out clear and odorless. Possibly up to 5 times, but for me personally 2-3 times is often enough.

  • Clean your anus

After the whole process, clean the outside of your anus with water and mild soap.

Buy an anal shower?

Are you now convinced of the operation and safety of an anal douche? It's up to you to choose between the speed of an anal shower as an attachment on the shower hose, or the convenience of an enema.

I have these in my bathroom:

I've been using it for years without any problems. Highly recommended!

How an anal shower works has no secrets for you now. Do it gently and listen to your body.

And above all: Enjoy the anal sex intensely afterwards!

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