So many shapes, textures, colors and sizes to choose from.
If you're new to the world of sex toys, the sheer selection can overwhelm you. Even as an experienced user you can still be pleasantly surprised every day, because all developments in sex toy land never stop. How do you know which sex toy is just made for you? This is exactly what you will learn in this step-by-step guide.

How do I choose the perfect sex toy?
No body is the same. You are unique and so are your preferences. Whether you are a beginner or a real collector, it is good to start your search for your next acquisition with a few good questions. Do you want to find the sex toy of your dreams? Let the following questions guide you.

Question 1. Which body part do you want to pamper with it?
The first thing you might think of when you think of sex toys is genitals. They also consist of all kinds of anatomical spots, which can be pampered down to the square centimeter with specially designed sex toys.
Fortunately, sex is so much more than just genitals. You also have many other erogenous zones, such as the skin, anus, or nipples.

Question 2: What do you like?
In addition to a unique body, you also have unique desires. To choose a good sex toy, ask yourself:

  • High power
    Strength and endurance. You go for the workhorse of sex toys. (Example).
  • Portable
    Some sex toys can be attached to your body, so that you have your hands free. For example, during sex with your partner. (example).
  • Waterproof
    Waterproof sex toys can be used in the bath or shower. (example).
  • Remote controllable
    Would you like to give your partner control over what your sex toy does to you from a distance? More and more sex toys with remote control are coming onto the market. (Example).
  • rechargeable
    Your beloved electric sex toy must of course also regain its strength. And then a USB port is really a godsend. (Examples).
  • Handy to take with you
    Sometimes you wish you could put your new best friend in a little box and take it with you wherever you go. Which can. Many sex toys come in small travel sizes, or in handy bags. (Example)
  • Easy to clean
    Just rinse it off, Kees is done. Some materials and shapes are very easy to maintain and will last for years. (examples).

Question 3: For whom?
Who is the toy for? Is it just for your own pleasure? Or is it a gift for your partner? It can also be a gift for both of you. Many toys are made to have fun together: the sex toys for partners.

Question 5: What do you want to spend on it?
How much you want to spend on a sex toy depends on the requirements you have for your toy. Sometimes you just want to introduce a new toy into your love life in a very accessible way. A simple toy of good quality does not have to be expensive. But sometimes you just want that little bit extra that makes a world of difference for you. That is also possible.

To make a good decision, it could help you to research with a certain budget in mind. For example under €30. Or somewhere between €50 and €100. Or is only the best good enough, regardless of price.

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