Because of Corona we have to pay extra attention to keeping our distance. We thought this was a good reason to zoom in on the best remote-controlled toys . With the vibrators in this top 7, both men and women enjoy a corona-proof highlight!

1. Lush vibrating egg with Lovense app

The Lovense Lush 2.0 is the most powerful remote controlled bullet vibrator. It works via bluetooth technology. You can control it (or have it controlled) via an app, with a range of up to 13 meters. You can even operate it at any distance via the internet!

This vibrating egg is virtually silent (45.5 dB), so you can also use it in public. The toy also contains on and off buttons, so if you want to turn it off manually, that is possible.

A nice extra is that you can synchronize the Lush 2.0 with music. You opt for endless possibilities in terms of vibration patterns. The best combination of excitement and relaxation!

Discover Lush 2.0

2. Lovense Hush vibrating butt plug with app

Do you prefer anal vibration? You can operate this Hush butt plug with your smartphone. That makes it great for remote couple play, even in public. It is whisper quiet and has an optimized design for long-term use.

It can be operated from any distance via the app. In addition, it has unlimited vibration patterns. Browse the app and even discover new patterns, which you can immediately download and apply to your Hush butt plug.

Discover Lovense vibrating hush butt plug

3. Lovense Edge prostate vibrator with app

The special Edge is the world's first adjustable massager. That's handy, because you can position the head however you want. The neck has also been optimized. That makes this toy a comfortable toy that suits everyone's body and preferences.

It has no fewer than two motors that emit strong vibrations. You can also do this remotely, because you connect the Edge to an app. There you can also download numerous vibration patterns. Or let this vibrator vibrate to the music, it can do it all!

Discover Edge prostate vibrator from Lovense

4. Lovense Nora vibrator with app

Lovense's Nora was the first vibrator with bluetooth. This white-pink toy has the appearance of a Tarzan vibrator. This allows you to enjoy double stimulation. Nora's head rotates to stimulate her G-spot.

There is a lot of special technology behind this Nora! For example, you can connect this toy to an app to control it remotely. You can also sync it with music. You can also set the air pump and vibrations via your smartphone.

The great thing about this vibrator for women is that you can connect it to Nora. For example, you synchronize it with the Lovense Max 2 masturbator for men (see below). This way you each have a nice toy and you can enjoy and discover together, even at a great distance.

Discover Lovense Nora vibrator

5. Lovense Max 2 app controlled masturbator

Attention men, this Lovense Max 2 masturbator provides an amazing experience. The sleeve has 360-degree contractions and gives powerful sensations. The appearance is gender neutral, the flexible interior has different structures.

It has a length of 24.1 centimeters. The material on the inside stretches, making it suitable for almost all penis sizes. Play alone or let someone else control it remotely. You can also synchronize it with various other Lovense toys, such as the Nora mentioned above. They then react to each other's movements.

This water resistant Max 2 is a revolution in the male masturbator. Alternate between fast and slow vibrations or choose the pulse mode. Charging can be done via the supplied USB cable.

Discover Lovense Max 2

6. Titan masturbator FeelPornsStars Experience by Kiiroo

Do you want to experience the moves of your favorite lover or pornstar? Then this Titan masturbator from Kiiro might be something for you. It is a handheld stroker with a sleeve that feels lifelike. Masturbation is intensified with nine vibrating bullets.

You connect the Titan to 4,000 different interactive videos from different platforms, where the masturbator mimics the movements of porn stars like Jessica Drake, Lisa Ann and Bobbi Eden.

Not only that, you can also sync it with your partner's device. Wherever that person is, your Titan will match the vibrations to the other's movements. An exciting way to enjoy together, as if you were really together!

Discover Kiiroo Titan masturbator FeelPornStars Experience

7. Keon automatic masturbator from Kiiroo

Kiiroo's Keon masturbator is similar to the Titan in terms of connectivity features. You can synchronize it remotely with your partner's Kiiroo toy and you can also connect it to erotic websites, or even play it with interactive VR glasses.

The difference between these two models is mainly in the way they vibrate. The Keon mainly makes pumping and thrusting movements, with up to 230 vibrations per minute. You can accurately adjust the speed and duration of the masturbation. Enjoy!

Discover Kiiroo KEON automatic masturbator

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