Black Velvets

Anal Trainer Weighted Silicone Buttplug

  • Extra long plug for a fulfilling feeling
  • Secure, wide base
  • Available in 3 different sizes
  • Can be used for gradual anal training


Pleasurable stretching in 3 different sizes!
Extra long plug with a straight shaft for a breathtaking fulfilling feeling. The wide base provides a secure fit and is therefore also easy to use. Available in three different sizes and therefore also good for gradual anal training.

Size medium: complete length 18 cm, Ø 4 cm, 194 g. Silicone.

Product informatie 
Merk: Black Velvets  
Kleur: Zwart 
Garantie: ✓ 
Soort garantie: Standaard 
Originele naam: Anal Trainer Weighted Silicone Plug 

Lengte: 18 cm 
Diameter: 4 cm   

Weekmakervrij: ✓ 
Materiaal: Silicone 
Geschikt glijmiddel: Waterbasis glijmiddel  
Stimulatie: Anaal 

Meer specificaties  
Gebruikersniveau: Beginners
Gewicht:  262 gram
EAN: 4024144548194